Familes and Friends be more supportive

It is not easy for any Entrepreneur to just start a business. Support is needed so much during the first few stages especially if you a small business owner. Simple things like spreading the word about their business will mean a lot, it shows you care, it shows how you believe in the person and how proud of the journey this person has taken. It is challenging for business owners, the support they get from people who are close and dear to them takes a little bit of their stress away. You will never know where the business will be in the future. Could be a multi-million business, it could be anything if you just believe in the person who is trying to make something of themselves.Ultimately, it's natural to seek recognition, love and support from our friends and family.

Entrepreneurs or Small business owners may confuse a lot of people when going against the grain of conventional thinking, and that's perfectly okay. As an entrepreneur/small business owner, standing up for your vision to your family and friends might possibly be the best practice you will get for the life that awaits you.

Families and friends try to be more supportive even if you cannot purchase whatever they are selling, do your little bit,at least by spreading the word about their business. Like I mentioned above it can become challenging and they need all the support, it will mean the world to them. Don't be the family or friend who is so not supportive but as soon as the person has taken their business to greener pastures and is shooting for the stars then you want to know them. I have noticed in families when someone is doing well in their business, families forget how not supportive they were but when the person is doing well, they make it known that this is my family, and expect handouts from the person like jobs or money... So please let us be more sensitive to people trying to make it out there....😉


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