This term has been going around for quite a while now that "Men are Trash", I do not believe that all Men are Trash. I am growing up 2 boys and I refuse for them to be put under that category. I speak to my son's about how they treat Woman, but all people in general. They know that I will not tolerate them abusing someone else's child. I have told my eldest son that I will be the first one to call the Police if he ever has to abuse anyone. I know about abuse, I would not want someone's child to be abused under the hands of my boys.

I strongly believe that men who abuse woman are broken men. They have issues that need to be dealt with, but they have to take a stand and say I have a problem, I need help. We all come with our own demons.  This is why we need to start communicating better. " Until men and women start having honest conversations about who they truly are, what demons they battle with, where they come from. and what they truly will continue to be a temporary emotion. Honesty and communication are key".
Men when you see your friend, brother, uncle, father start been abusive, it's time YOU stand up and tell him it is wrong what he is doing, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No use in you wanting to be part of the "good men" when you can watch someone abuse a woman or child- TAKE A STAND. We as parents need to start grooming our son's from an very early age of how to treat others. We need to have these conversations, it is so important. Parents need to speak to our daughters of how men should treat them, fathers be examples to your kids, respect your kids mother so that your son's and daughter's learn this. Your daughter will know how a man should treat her because she comes from a good home of parents who love and respect each other. Having arguments or violence in front of the kids is harmful- some start believing that if you hit someone it's because you love the person ( you doing it out of love- totally wrong). Your daughter will be getting married one day, how would it make you feel if her husband is abusive to her- remember that your wife/partner is also someone else's child. So think before getting high pitched in an argument or violent- it is so unnecessary.

I have seen men that are trash with my own eyes but I have also seen a lot of good men out there. It is time they get recognized and us been grateful for them. There are such good men, men who are there for their families no matter how hard life get's. Men who are good role models to their son's. I have seen men who have taken a stand and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with this abuse that is going around in our country. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO THOSE MEN. I AM GRATEFUL🙏.
So next time let us be mindful of just using the term "MEN ARE TRASH", let us think of the good men we do have in our country who are good fathers, good husbands/partners,hardworking men.

Titus 2:7  Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity,

To the men who are struggling with anger etc reach out to "Brothers for Life", their contacts are: or call 012 366 9300. Even if you do not reach out to them speak to your priest or pastor- speak to someone- GET HELP.... 💓


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