I Love Music
Music means a lot to me. It is a way to express and release emotions. It can carries a message that is relative to real life situations.” “Music is a nice thing you can listen to when you want to get out and just go into your own world.”

I do not listen to one specific type, I listen to all genre's. I may get judged because at my age why am I listening to Nadia Nakia.. Why can I not like her music- and it's not only about the lyrics, it's the beat in the music that attracts me more. She just came out with a single recently: "Yaass Bitch"- the lyrics nah, I am not so into it, but the beat. The song is stuck in my head now... Even when I am cooking- I will be going on for myself with this song.. The other day I was hooked on Keyshia Cole's song; Incapable'... It brought up memories of how my ex does not deserve me at all, all the wrong's he did in my life. So that's the thing with music, it can make your happy or sad... Tomorrow I can listen to Jazz, it's all about the mood.. I can go on and on about music.. I have never met anyone who can tell me they do not like music. The best thing is that we in South Africa have so many genre's: Kwaito, Hip Hop, African Jazz etc.. Music is in us South African's.. We come with rhythm as well.. I really think if the World wants dancers they must come to South Africa.. we were born to dance.

Music gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Music can change the world because music changes people.

"Play the moments, Pause the memories, Stop the pain, Rewind the Music"


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