You have your own identity,embrace it

"You have your own identity, embrace it."

Why try being someone you not. You so unique and made in the image of God; so why would you want to be anything else but not yourself. Embrace yourself, Look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you can Concur anything you put your mind to, tell yourself how beautiful you are. 
Why be something you not, the only person you will make miserable is yourself, because you will be pretending in front of people to be this person, putting yourself under so much pressure, but inside you are not happy because you know it is all a lie.

I have been studying some young people recently. My focus has been on young girls. The generation we have now seems to be very self centered. Everything seem's to be all about them and what if I do not get that car or get that house, or have the latest fashion, what will people say about me. If I am not married, what will people think. In the generation we are in now, my advice to young girls is before you even think of marriage is to get yourself on your feet, get yourself a job, start buying stuff for your home one day, put away money- be independent so that when you marry one day, you will never be told that your Husband made you. Also don't get married because all your friends are getting married, you can be your own person, if you a single mother and young, you can take care of the kid and yourself if you are DRIVEN. Why care about what people are saying. Live according to what your pocket is saying. I go on Instagram almost everyday and I see many beautiful pictures but in some pictures I see the emptiness in some girls eyes. This is because the competition is on, how many likes will I get for my picture, will someone see my picture and help me be the person I want to be.. e.g. a model. No you do not have to wait on anyone to tell you that YOU CAN, you are able to do anything you want if you can just PUSH yourself. Why wait for anyone's approval.
Identify yourself, take time for yourself, embrace yourself.
We are all made different and that is fun, imagine we were all the same. BORING...
So Love yourself, Thank God everyday that you wake up, go out there and Concur.. Live within your means. Life is not a competition.

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