Never take a good woman for granted.....

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 Never take a good woman for granted...

Men are quicker to move on, but usually live in regret. Woman usually take nonsense on; repeatedly and never think they are able to leave but once they do they go for good. When a woman says Enough is Enough, she will never change her mind. We are forgiving and patient. We are forgiving up to a certain extent. Never taker "her" patience for granted (once she is tired there is no way she will turn back). We take on a lot of terrible treatment from our people before we can actually stand on our feet and say this is ENOUGH.

A woman's tolerance can only go up to a certain extent. Some of us woman do not want to bear the embarrassment from family and friends for telling them our struggles. We do not want people to tell us when the time is right to leave. We will reach that stage on our own and know when the time is right. Men have to constantly stay on top of their game to make sure she is the Queen in their lives and she does get treated well. How is a woman suppose to GIVE ALL HER LOVE, EXPRESS HER LOVE, SHOW HER LOVE if she is sad always because of how she is been treated. It is never easy for her to let go but it is for her own sanity.

Once she is gone, she is just looking ahead for brighter days. So while you have her- treasure her. Blessings will come because your Woman's heart is filled with LOVE... Remember that us Woman are more closer to GOD...💗💘🙏


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