Gossip Dies when it hits a wise person's ears

I always worried about what people said, I was always insecure. I think I started feeling like this from a very early age. In high school it was even worse. Lot's of girl's in school never liked me, so I always had a wall built up. I was gossiped about so many times. I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant, I was still in school, I confided in a close friend- I should of never have done that because before I knew it, it was out. I was laughed at, I was mocked at and I believe that a lot of those people including some family members thought I will not make anything of myself because I "RUINED" my life.. I showed all of them that nothing will bring me down and up till this day I keep on shining no matter what life throws at me. Even me not been married at my age get's talked about- mainly by woman who are married. I have no clue why some married woman feel the need to look down on us single woman (we not interested in stealing your man, so what then.. I sometimes feel it is an insecurity on their side because some of them just cannot see their lives without their husbands-maybe they do not have their own Independence OR maybe it is just that they know what type of man they married to- believe me I am not one for judging anyone's life). From the time I can remember I always said that I do not want to get married (marriage is a personal choice, not a must), but there was a time in my life where I fell hell over heels in love with someone, we got engaged but time went by and I saw that he needed some more growth (I take these things very seriously)- although we still love each other very deeply I had to take that stand for myself. Even when I called off my engagement, I was laughed at behind my back. Instead of people supporting me. Then the big change happened to me this year and I started telling myself: why am I worried about people and what they say. I have nothing to prove to anyone but to MYSELF. All these outsiders, including family do not put food on my table or pay my bills so why am I worrying about what they say, yes it was hard for me to just stop caring about what they say. But everyday I keep telling myself that I am better than that, and I choose to live a life that makes me happy and proud.

So my thing to you, is why care about what they are saying. If they talking about you it means you doing something right. "Your life their entertainment. You just carry on and take life by the horns and just keep going. You wake up every morning for a reason, so get up and show up...
"Gossip dies when it hits a wise person's ears". Today they talking about you, tomorrow it is someone else..

Believe in yourself, love yourself, Treat yourself well and all shall be rewarded.
You are what matters, you are IMPORTANT.

Stay Blessed, Keep SHINING...😘


Stay strong ..Keep smiling and you are correct ..Our life is our life only ..And the thing that matter most is what we want ..Nice post ..
Unknown said…
This is a powerful message that I needed to hear thank you Chantal Coetzee you are truly an inspirational woman.

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